Merlin and Kyle XY are my favorite TV Shows ever.
Kessi and Mergana are my OTP.
Sometime I do gifs and fail almost every single time when attempting to do grahics about this two...

"This is your chance at love and happiness. Go get him.”



The only reason i enjoy going to bed is so i can make stories up in my head which makes my brain think it’s actually real



Filming the torture scene in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 where Bellatrix is torturing Hermione at the Malfoy’s Manor proved to be very intense for the actors involved (Most of the scene was cut to avoid an R rating in the USA and a 15 rating in the UK). So intense and brutal as it was that Helena Bonham Carter approached Emma Watson right afterward to make sure they were still on good terms.

if you read a fanfics and you enjoy it, will it kill you to leave a review to encourage the author?
Many stories ,great ones, get abandoned, because of that.